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If you participate in the Beyond Recycling program, this is the spot you will find all the additional resources, videos and other cool stuff that is connected to the learning and activities you do in class.  Take a look, enjoy it and then share it with your family and friends – I bet they want to know about all the cool stuff you now know about.


Want to calculate YOUR footprint? Visit the Footprint Network


The Ecological Footprint is a way to calculate the impact you have on the environment.

How many people really live on planet earth? Visit WORLDOMETERS to find out

How much is 7 billion? Visit 7BILLIONWORLD to see

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2 responses to “Eco Footprint

  1. The students LOVED seeing the world population – births and deaths – change as they watched it on the website shown. It blew their mind to think about facts like on that day over 200 000 people were born! They also loved the interactiveness of the ‘finding the eco footprint of the class’ activity.

  2. excellent internet sites for the lesson, I agree with Jessie, the kids loved it. I would talk more about resources per person, really stress that we are the big problem, not people in India (yet), but they only want what we want. That is the big take home here.
    Really relevant.

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