Kootenay Orchards Students learn that we all can make a difference!!

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Today we went on an amazing trip to with Loree Duczek from the RDEK. Loree started the trip with the question posed to the class "Do you think it makes a difference?" We started the trip at the local Transfer station, wherein the students saw the waste that was destined for the landfill. Students noticed very quickly how busy the transfer station was , with truck upon truck coming in and depositing loads of garbage. The students noticed that in that garbage was often materials that could very easily be placed in the yellow bins that lined the road. We then continued the trip to the Materials facility, Bottle Depot and Processing plant.. It was amazing to see all the items that can be recycled!! We then went to the Landfill to finalize our trip and by the end, the students had an answer..Yes!!! it makes a difference to reduce, reuse and recycle and with a little effort by each and everyone of us, we can can make a HUGE difference on our Footprint!! What a great day!!