Students @ Lady Grey Make Paper!

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It was an exciting and fun day at Lady Grey with Madame Bergeron’s class making paper!

The students have spent the last few weeks learning about the extensive process all our STUFF goes through, from the extraction of raw materials & production to distribution and eventually disposal.  The class got a chance to take recycling into their own hands, helping to extend the life of our resources, lessen our impact on the planet, and have fun in the process!  Making craft paper from scraps found in the schools recycling room was a new experience for all the students this year.  They picked up the process quickly and were soon happily ripping up paper, blending it smooth, pouring it into molds and decorating with sparkles to their hearts content. Beyond Recycling’s paper making lesson was a resounding hit!   Once dried the paper will be turned into one of a kind Christmas crafts, or cards.