A Paper Rainbow at J.A. Laird

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What a rainbow!

The grade 4/5 students in Mrs. King’s class at J.A. Laird made an impressive rainbow of recycled paper this week. They’ve been learning about “closing the loop” of our waste – which means changing the linear life cycle of an item into a loop, where the “waste” materials are re-used as something new.

This week, Mrs. King’s class closed the loop themselves by making new paper out of old scraps. And what a rainbow they made!

Students had gathered many colours of scrap paper, which they put in the blender with water to make pulp, before filtering, patting down and rolling into fresh sheets of paper. This hand-recycled paper, while extremely colourful, is thick and a bit bumpy, which is not ideal for writing on. Instead, the students will use it for an art project such as making cards or bookmarks.