Debating Energy at Windermere Elementary

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Six teams gathered on January 27, 2017 to participate in Windermere Elementary’s intense energy debate. Grade 6 & 7 students argued in support of Hydro, Nuclear, Oil, Solar, Wind, or Coal power – and did so in a very respectful formal debate. Great arguments were put forward on all sides, but renewable resources took a back seat in the debate. The Nuclear group was often in the hot seat, as many questions focused on the dangers of potential radioactive explosions.

Pointing out that all the other energy sources also have serious negative effects resulted in the Nuclear group tying for second place. Coal was also in the hot seat, and solidified their second place standing with strong, thoughtful answers on the technology currently in development to improve health conditions of miners.

The strongest performance today came from the Oil group. While fossil fuels may not truly be the best energy source for British Columbia in the future, this group presented a well organized argument for our current dependence on oil.

Photo: Supporting wind power, Josh questions the viability of Katia’s preferred energy source, solar power.