Wrap Up Action Day at Windermere Elementary

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Windermere Elementary’s Beyond Recycling students had an afternoon full of positive environmental action last week, combining their year-end potluck with their Earth Day project.

The Real Food Potluck is to celebrate the end of their Beyond Recycling learning journey. Each student brought something to share that was either nutritious, natural, now, near, or naked. Students brought in delicious dishes with minimal packaging that travelled minimal distances (some coming from just down the road or their own backyards!), all of which were healthy.

After the feast, the class headed outside to implement their long awaited Earth Day project – planting trees in the schoolyard!

The students know the enormous benefits of trees; they store a lot of carbon dioxide, play a large role in mitigating the effects of climate change, and are also fun to play around. That’s why they chose to plant 3 new linden trees for their Earth Day action project. These trees will grow up to 15m tall and create a nice shady play area, improving their schoolyard and helping the planet all at once!

This project was undertaken with full support from Principal Bendina Miller, and School District 6 Operations Supervisor Brian Nickurak, and with additional funding from the Columbia Valley Community Foundation. The trees were sourced from Winderberry Greenhouses and Nursery, just down the road from the school. The class had just visited Winderberry the week before and seen first hand what great work they do.