Waste Free Lunches?

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This month in Mr. Blick and Mr. Lauze’s class at Adam Robertson Elementary School we are starting a waste free lunch challenge! When we did a garbage audit in October and January we noticed there are still many wrappers, cling wrap and plastic bags that are thrown out.  There is also food waste!  Perfectly good apples, sandwiches or other items that are thrown away instead of being saved for later.

A waste free lunch usually has reusable food and drink containers, washable cutlery over pre-packaged foods, plastic bags and throwaway items.   Moving away from pre-packaged foods also encourages fresh and nutritious lunches and saves families money! Our goal is to reduce our waste in the classroom and the amount of litter that ends up in the school yard.  Already students have started using more reusable containers, and are paying more attention to what is in their lunches. One student said “I’ve been telling my mom about Beyond Recycling, and now we reuse the small sour cream containers to pack snacks for my lunch.” Stay tuned for updates!