What can we eat right now?

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This week with Ms Cooper and Mr Davies classes at Erickson Elementary school we investigated food.  This school is right in the middle of farm land in the Creston Valley, so all the students had lots to contribute about this subject! We discovered that all food has a story and how to become curious about how food arrives on our plates.  What is nutritious food?  What is local food? What does it mean to eat seasonally? What is with all the ingredients on this box of granola bars/candies/cookies? What’s with the packaging on the food? How far did this food travel?  How does this relate to our lesson earlier this week on Climate Change?

We were happy to uncover that there is fresh asparagus and local greens that are available in the Creston Valley right now, but we will have to wait a few more months for cherries!  We then planted some school garden boxes with greens and are looking forward to harvesting in June!