-Short Shower EcoChallenge



Short Shower EcoChallenge

The Short Shower EcoChallenge includes:

  • An EcoChallenge video to explain how to complete the EcoChallenge
  • Activity: Students measure how long they usually shower for and then try to reduce the length of their showers over a 4-day period
  • Optional extension activity: Students calculate how much water their showers use with the Water Investigation worksheet.


To share this EcoChallenge with your students – send them to this link –> https://beyondrecycling.ca/shortshower/



  • There are many opportunities for incorporating Math in this challenge. Have students calculate the total number of minutes in the shower they reduced.
  • Students will have fun measuring their shower’s water flow with the optional extension activity. If some students have 2 showers in their home they could measure both and compare. Or compare with another student. Is their shower head a “low flow” model?
  • If students didn’t complete the extension activity, use the average rate of 8 Litres per minute and ask students to calculate how much water they saved.
  • Keep a tally and calculate how much water you saved as a class.

Note: You can choose to have the whole class complete one EcoChallenge or allow each student to choose their own EcoChallenge.  If you are doing the latter, share this link –> https://beyondrecycling.ca/lessons/eco-challenge/