-Trash2Treasure Lesson

Trash 2 Treasure – Video Lesson

In this lesson students will:

  • Watch a Beyond Recycling lesson video
  • Learn about waste and recycling
  • Brainstorm ways to reuse items
  • Choose a project
  • Turn waste/recycling/unused items into something useful. 

Sample instructions for students: 

  • Step 1: Go to the lesson:  www.beyondrecycling.ca/trash2treasurehome
  • Step 2: Watch the lesson video
  • Step 3: Plan your project. You can use this worksheet to help. Collect your supplies. Your plan is due: —enter details —–
  • Step 4: Start your build.  Your project is due: —enter details —-.
  • Step 5: Share your project with the class via: — enter details here —


  • Encourage students to use the adults in their lives as resources (eg. Uncle is a carpenter)
  • Remind students to make something they can use again and again
  • If you are teaching online you may need to host multiple depending on the number of students participating
  • Remind students to use safety equipment and have parent supervision for use of power tools.
  • Clarify how you want students to share their project eg. photos, video conference, create a video