-Pilot Feedback

Your feedback is key in helping us develop these new BR resources.

After you use the lesson resources we ask that you please take a few minutes shortly after delivery to jot down what REALLY worked and what really NEEDS work. Once you have used all the lesson resources and shared your feedback, please completed the honorarium request form so we can send you your $200 honorarium for sharing your brilliant mind with us.


Where do I share my feedback? Scroll to the bottom of each lesson webpage and record your feedback in the comments section. Press the POST COMMENT button to share your feedback. If you would prefer to record your notes on paper before uploading them online, use our Teacher Guide document.

When should I complete my feedback? It is important to provide feedback in a timely matter. Please take a few minutes shortly after delivery to share your feedback. 

What type of feedback do you want?  We want to know both what REALLY WORKED and what really NEEDS WORK. Please use a minimum of 250 characters to share your thoughts and experiences in teaching this lesson. We can’t wait to hear what you think. Thanks for sharing your brilliant mind and experience with us.

How do I get my honorarium? Teachers who utilize the resources and complete the feedback form at the bottom of each lesson page and complete the honorarium request by June 17th, 2023 will receive a $200 honorarium for sharing their time, experience, and brilliant minds with us. We will send an e-transfer to you with your honorarium.  




Who will see my feedback?  Your comments will show on the bottom of the lesson page. Only the other teachers participating in the pilot and the BR lesson development team will see your feedback. It is not public. All feedback from the pilot will be deleted after the pilot is complete.

What will happen with my feedback? We will use your comments in the feedback section to help adapt and improve the Beyond Recycling Community of the Future teacher resources.

4 responses to “-Pilot Feedback

  1. Overall, I really liked having access to this program each year. In the past, I was only able to access the program every few years. That said, stilling having this program and being able to implement some of the ideas outside the program remains a challenge with the online format. While it is easy to say go find local places to visit, the more contact information that can be directly provided to us will help in getting more local expertise injected into the program. I have found this process fantastic and look forward to using this model for years to come. I am excited about the opportunity that was provided and the ability to access these resources!

  2. I really enjoyed running this program with the two Grade 5/6 classes at our school. This has been great to hear what students think the future is going to look like. I really liked the resources that were included in the extension buffet.
    I have provided feedback on each lesson individually.
    Overall I would run this program again in my class as I was able to fit it into my schedule. I would like to have access to field trips and presenters as well as the content that was provided.

  3. I really enjoyed this project. Having done the Beyond Recycling program in the past I was familiar with the lesson set up and was more confident to dive in. I really enjoyed all of the video introductions, even if the intro was repetitive. It was amazing to have so many different extension activities so each teacher could spend as much or little time on each topic as was required for their particular group of students. Minecraft for Education’s resources on Sustainable Cities paired perfectly with the Beyond Recycling lessons and the two resources used together resulted in an engaging, fun project where students were able to engage with many different concepts from the science and social studies curricula.

  4. The energy lesson prompted much discussion about which one was “the best”, and the students soon learned the limitations and benefits to each one in different areas of the province / country. I included a journal activity asking them what they would do without power for one day…… then extended that to one week. They really had to think. Showed the BCHydro Ridiculous Video and Bill Nye about potential and Kinetic energy. Energy sources were added to the prep for their city.