-Design & Build

Students should have watched all the videos before watching this video, including Invite, Waste, Energy, Water, Transportation & Food. We encourage you to schedule multiple sessions to give students time to design & build their Community of the Future. Students will need time to share their ideas in their group, come up with a plan, decide who does what, build their project, and then share it. At minimum 1 planning and 2 building sessions are recommended. Note: You can take hours, days, or weeks to complete this project – it’s up to you!


Design steps

  • HAND OUT – Hand out student booklets
  • WATCH – Cue up the video below and watch it with the class
  • DESIGN – Have students work in their groups & share their ideas
  • DEFINE – Define building materials and the max size allowed
  • GATHER – Discuss where to collect materials (reused paper and cardboard recommended)
  • COLLECT – Collect booklets till the next session




Building steps

  • PLAN – Plan how much time students have to build and when it is due
  • GUIDELINE – Do you want students to share their designs with you before building?
  • FIND – Find an area for projects to be stored
  • SUPPLIES – Provide glue for construction
  • HAND OUT – Hand out student booklets
  • CHECK-IN – Tour student projects as they work on their Community of the Future
  • QUESTION – When touring projects ask – Does your project address all 5 areas? Would you want to live there? Are there connections between the 5 areas eg. water and food?
  • COLLECT – Collect booklets till the next session


Sharing steps

  • DECIDE – Decide who will be the audience – other groups? other classes? parents? 
  • DEFINE – Inform students on how their group will present their project
  • SHARE – Have students give a tour of their community
  • EXTEND – Consider adding one of the extension buffet activities


Extension Buffet

  • WRITING – Have students write about a day in the life of their future community
  • SHARE – Encourage students to take their planning booklet home and share it with their parents
  • VOTE – Host a student vote for the community they would like to live in
  • FEEDBACK – Have students share feedback on other projects
  • RECORD – Have students make a video tour of their Community of the Future to share with others

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