Are You Sure It's Waste?

We <3 Making Paper!

The grade 5 class leads the way at Hume School for Earth Day.Read More 

Real Food Feast

April 19, 2019
As a wrap-up to Beyond Recycling at Hume School we celebrated with a Real Food Feast. The students were challenged to bring something to…Read More 

Food for Thought

April 16, 2019
We took a Good Food Field Trip to Save-On Foods to investigate food choices at one of our local grocery stores.Read More 

Too Hot to Handle!

March 23, 2019
Climate change is a challenging topic to grasp, so thankfully Mrs. Turcon’s class had a series of visuals to help them work through it…Read More 

Making it New Again

March 23, 2019
Mrs. Turcon's grade 5s and 6s at McKim Middle School are learning all about how they can make their lives more earth-friendly, and…Read More 
And the Best Energy Source is...Well, that depends. Where are you? What time of day is it? What natural resources do you have available…Read More 
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