Students Push Back on Plastics

See the heat

The Gr. 5 students at Rossland Summit School held a very formal debate around the five energy sources: Fossil Fuels, Wind Power, Solar Power, Hydro…Read More 
Mr. Mcrann's 5/6s were surprised to learn how much energy Canada and the USA consume per year, per person, as compared with every…Read More 
This week in Beyond Recycling, students of Adam Robertson Elementary School learned about water.  Students shared what they love about water: quenching their thirst, jumping in a lake on a hot summer day, warm showers, rain, and more. Read More 

See the heat

January 30, 2020
The See The Heat program provides the opportunity for Beyond Recycling students in Kaslo, Castlegar and Creston to take home a thermal imaging camera that connects to your smart phone to learn more about the energy efficiency of your home.Read More 
Today we learned that greenhouse gases (GHG) are important and necessary for life on earth - they have benefited life on earth by making the planet…Read More 

Waste Free Lunches?

January 20, 2020
This month in Mr. Blick and Mr. Lauze's class at Adam Roberston Elementary School we are starting a waste free lunch challenge! When we…Read More 
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