Are You Sure It's Waste?

We <3 Making Paper!

Ms. Newton's grade 4/5 class form Begbie View Elementary went on a an informative and exciting local farm field trip May 14. Every…Read More 
On April 16, Ms. Gadbois' grade 5 class from Arrow Heights Elementary school in Revelstoke went on a field trip to two different sites that…Read More 
The grade 5 Twin Rivers class has been saving all the one time use plastic lunch snacks that their class uses since the beginning of…Read More 

Landfill Field Trip

May 7, 2019
In November of 2018, both the Grade 5 and Grade 6 class at Twin Rivers took a trip to the various locations in their town…Read More 

Evolution of Waste

May 7, 2019
Evolution of Waste  On October 24th, 2018, we dove back in time to investigate the evolution of Waste and how we managed to have…Read More 

Reuse It!

May 6, 2019
“Reduce Reuse Recycle” has been a common motto over the course of the Beyond Recycling year. However, recently students at Martin Morigeau School in Canal…Read More 
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