So Much Energy!

W.E. Graham students ask : to Landfill or not to Landfill?

This year we made a food feast with local ingredients and visited Kootenay Meadows to understand the cheese making and dairy farming. The feast and field trip were a wonderful way to celebrate everything we have been doing this year and to support learning about local food!Read More 

So Much Energy!

March 4, 2018
Ever plugged in your toaster and wondered how electricity gets to your outlet? Frank J Mitchell students spent the morning exploring just that. From solar panels to wind turbines to hydroelectric dams, we discovered that there are a TON of different ways to generate electricity!Read More 
Students at KIS in Kimberley had the opportunity to teach the older students in their school a thing or two about the lifecycle of a product.Read More 
Students from W.E. Graham's 5/6/7 class took a tour of the Ootischenia Landfill and local Recycling transfer station and got a…Read More 
Students in Ms. Newton's class worked in pairs to audit different parts of Begbie View Elementary School to see where energy was being used…Read More 

The "Best" Energy Source

February 10, 2018
Is there one “best” energy source? Not according to Mr. Mcanerney’s class - but there are two! Last week, the grade 6 students held an…Read More 
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