All's Not Fair With Worldwide Energy Consumption

Home Based Learning

The students in Ms Ronalea's class at Kimberley Independent School had the opportunity to have some silly fun and get really creative with the Waste Eco Challenge and designed recycled bags from old T- shirts. As you can see the creativity was abundant and students created arm bands and scrunchies.Read More 
The grade 5 and 6s are back for another year of Beyond Recycling! After taking a look at what ends up in a typical class…Read More 
Many things have changed this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and Beyond Recycling is no exception. To keep delivering this inspiring, informative and…Read More 


January 4, 2021
Mme. Laporte’s class jumped into action right away this fall with their first EcoChallenge. After the class’s very first lesson on Garbology, with…Read More 
And so, without seemingly a moment's notice, the Holidays were upon us and as I write this time has ticked over to 2021! Happy…Read More 
As you can see from this brainstorm of descriptive words related to "waste", we humans do not have positive associations with waste! Thankfully, there are…Read More 
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