So Much Energy!

W.E. Graham students ask : to Landfill or not to Landfill?

Real Food Lunch!!

June 8, 2018
To celebrate the end of the year and the Real Food available to us, Ms Patience and Beyond Recycling educator Gillian Sanders brought snacks to…Read More 

Save a Lid, Make Art!

June 7, 2018
Have you ever noticed that plastic bottle caps feel different than the bottles they're attached to? Harder or stiffer or a different colour? Have…Read More 
Since the first Earth Day in 1970, the third week of April has always been about youth making bold steps for change. And the students…Read More 

We Are Nature

June 6, 2018
Beyond Recycling has been a journey of discovery for Ms. Vibe's 5/6 class.  From learning the science of garbology to paper making…Read More 
The final topic of discussion in the Beyond Recycling program is food. “Real food” to be specific. Students have been learning how their food choices…Read More 

Celebrate Earth Day!

June 1, 2018
Did you know that on average North Americans use 50 times as much energy per person than Africans? The students at TM Roberts do now…Read More 
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