• HAND OUT – Hand out student booklets
  • WATCH – Cue up the video below and watch it with the class
  • THINK – Give students time to reflect and complete their booklet
  • SHARE – Have students share their ideas with the class or work in their groups
  • CONSIDER – Go deeper by adding an activity from the extension buffet below
  • COLLECT – Collect workbooks till the next session
  • FEEDBACK -Record your feedback below




Extension Buffet

  • DISCUSS – Watch the BC Hydro Ridiculous video again. What are ways you conserve energy in your everyday life already? Is there anything else you could do that could reduce the amount of energy you use?
  • DAY IN THE LIFE – What would your day look like if the power went out and you had no electricity? What would be different?  How would you stay warm? Cool or cook your food? Entertain yourself? What would change if the power was out for days/weeks/months?
  • GO OUTDOORS –  Go outdoors on an energy detective community walk around town. Can you identify any houses or businesses that use renewable energy on a local scale? Have your students take a guess before leaving the classroom and keep track of how many renewable energy sources you all see. Was it close to your original guess?
  • DAMS NEAR YOU – There are dams all across Canada. Have you visited a dam? Visit the Canadian Geographic Interactive map to see dams near you and across Canada 
  • FIELD TRIP – possible field trip to a local renewable energy plant. For example, a local dam or solar field etc. Or, if you know of someone nearby who lives completely dependent on solar or wind energy, can you visit them?
  • SING – Learn to sing the renewable energy song (1:59)
  • ENERGY DEBATES –  Students will work in teams to face off against one another in a debate to show why their energy source is so much better than others. Students should be prepared and ready to debate after having been given allotted computer time to research the various renewable energy sources and group time to prepare their team’s approach. Solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal will square off- who will be the winner?
  • WATCH – Bill Nye the Science Guy talks about energy (29:51)
  • CLIMATE – Climate specific content *coming soon*
  • MAKE IT – Make S’mores with a Solar Oven: Harness the energy of the Sun with a solar oven made from a box and tin foil. https://climatekids.nasa.gov/smores/
  • ECOCHALLENGE – How long can you go without screens? Challenge students to take the Beyond Recycling Screen-Free EcoChallenge 


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