• HAND OUT – Hand out student booklets
  • WATCH – Cue up the video below and watch it with the class
  • THINK – Give students time to reflect and complete their booklet
  • SHARE – Have students share their ideas with the class or work in their groups
  • CONSIDER – Go deeper by adding an activity from the extension buffet below
  • COLLECT – Collect workbooks till the next session
  • FEEDBACK – Record your feedback below




Extension Buffet

  • DISCUSS – Get students thinking about needs versus wants. Tell students we are going on a backcountry hiking trip. You can only take what you can carry.  The teacher quickly jots down all ideas on the board and then the class distills needs from wants. Often we use these words interchangeably, but they have very different definitions. 
  • DAY IN THE LIFE – What would your day look like if you lived zero waste now? What would be different?  Brushing your teeth? Playing? Getting to and from school and other activities? Getting takeout? What do you do now to be zero waste?
  • WATCH – What is sustainable development (3:40)
  • GAME –  Play the Producer & Consumer game. Humans are great producers and consumers but not so great as decomposers/recyclers~ focus on decomposing, creating from waste, and closing the loop. Bean bags/small balls are stored in two safe areas. Producers take a bean bag. Consumers get a bean bag by tagging a producer. Decomposers get bean bags from tagging consumers and return them to the safe area.  
  • CRAFT – Turn a t-shirt into a shopping bag. This is an easy repurposing exercise that can be done in class. Each student will bring an old t-shirt to class. Tools needed per student are a pair of scissors that are able to cut cloth and a piece of string. 
  • WATCH – Follow the lifecycle of a t-shirt from resource extraction to disposal – (6:00)
  • MAKE IT – Use the Imagination Factory Trash Matcher to have students make something new with waste items from home
  • SORT IT – Do a garbage assessment to see what type of garbage you make in your classroom. Use tongs and dump the garbage onto a tarp and sort the garbage. Is there recycling that should have gone elsewhere? Pledge to reduce the garbage you make as a class. In another week complete the same tasks and see if you did better. 
  • WATCH – The Trashman collected and wore all the garbage he created in a week (1:13) 
  • WATCH – Why a Circular Model is better than Linear (11:53)
  • THEATRE – Have students create a theatre project to teach others about zero waste. Students make a live skit or short video to share what they’ve learned to other students in the school
  • CLIMATE – Climate specific content *coming soon*
  • ZERO WASTE LUNCH – Challenge students to a zero-waste lunch day



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