Waste not! Beyond the Landfill

Stinky Lesson at Robson School

Students in Ms. Newton's class worked in pairs to audit different parts of Begbie View Elementary School to see where energy was being used…Read More 

The "Best" Energy Source

February 10, 2018
Is there one “best” energy source? Not according to Mr. Mcanerney’s class - but there are two! Last week, the grade 6 students held an…Read More 
What would it be like if we had more renewable energy in our communities? Cleaner forms of transportation? Access to fresh and local food? Zero waste? Conservation and protection of local water resources?Read More 
Mrs. Gadbois and her Grade 5/6 class have been recycling drink containers at Arrow Heights Elementary School for the past number of years.  As…Read More 
Ms. Newton's grade 5 class at Begbie View Elementary has been on a year long Waste Eco-Challenge!  Here are some of the things…Read More 
Blog written by: Aislin Buchanan, Meya Musseau and Lillian Vickers. Grade 6/& students To reduce waste in our classroom, we started separating our garbage…Read More 
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