Waste not! Beyond the Landfill

Stinky Lesson at Robson School

The Business of Recycling

January 8, 2018
Mr. Mcanerney’s class got down to business – the paper recycling business. Right before the holidays, the grade 6 students at TM Roberts took what…Read More 
Beyond Recycling has landed at TM Roberts school in Cranbrook. Mr. Mcanerney’s grade 6 class is learning all about waste, water, energy, transportation and…Read More 
The problem: Students at RSS were throwing Plastics into the garbage. The Solution: Students made bins to Recycle Plastic containers and plastic bags. Sounds simple…Read More 
Today the students from Ms. Kauffman's class had the opportunity to make their very own homemade granola bars. Students were inspired to create a…Read More 

The Path of Power

December 12, 2017
At Canyon Lister Elementary School we have be exploring how electricity is made. We use it all the time in our day to day life but don't often think about the energy and infrastructure behind our electricity.Read More 

Trash Blast from the Past

November 16, 2017
Has waste changed throughout human history? We fired up the time machine to find out!Read More 
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