EcoChallenge Prizes


Help your class complete an EcoChallenge and submit your results for a chance to win up to $1200 in cash prizes with Beyond Recycling.  Classes now have the opportunity to enter in up to 5 categories (waste, water, energy, transportation and food).  The more EcoChallenge projects a class completes, the more opportunities they will have to win.

Category Prizes – Every classroom who successfully completes an EcoChallenge project in one of the 3 EcoFootprint periods will be entered to win one of 4 -$100 cash prizes for that EcoChallenge period. That’s $1200 in prizes up for grabs. The more challenges your class completes, the greater your opportunity to win. 

Eligibility – All classrooms doing the Beyond Recycling program are eligible to enter. In order for an EcoChallenge to be considered complete, the teacher must log into their BR account and report their project during the EcoChallenge periods that end at Christmas break, Spring break and Summer break.

Incentive – The BR EcoChallenge Contest was designed as an incentive for teachers to participate in the EcoChallenge. While prize money could certainly motivate your students to participate (especially if you were to share in the wealth with a class party or cool new tool or toy), the drawback is that research has shown when linking attempts at behaviour change (the EcoChallenges) with incentives (prizes, such as money), behaviour change happens only so long as the incentives continue. The goal here is for education, certainly, along with some change in behaviour. This would be much more likely if the challenge was presented as fun and exciting just as is (without the carrot of the prize money for the teachers). Whether you share the content with your students is up to you.

Rules – Want to get into the nitty gritty? Read the EcoChallenge Contest Rules.