Teacher Feedback


We LOVE to hear what you think! In fact, our program thrives on getting feedback from teachers so we can continue to grow and improve. Your feedback is utilized to adapt and improve the program. Multiple times throughout the school year you will be requested to give feedback on the program.

Feedback is mostly shared through online forms, however, your BR Educator always welcomes verbal feedback additionally.  We look forward to hearing what you think.



We do an intensive teacher feedback session about every 5 years. As part of this we ask teachers to complete an online form for each BR lesson. This quick online feedback form should take you 3-5 minutes and helps us improve the program. We recommend completing this survey while your educator is in the classroom near the end of the lesson (or at the latest 48 hours after the lesson).

❏    Lesson Feedback



Our funding is completely dependent on your letters of support.  Your letters help us secure funding so that we can offer the program at no cost to you. We sure hope you’ll feel the program is worth writing about! 

Before the end of the program, please ensure your letter is:

❏    On school letterhead

❏    Signed 

❏    Emailed or given to your educator.