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For 2022, complete the student end of year feedback:

  • ONLINE –
  • ON PAPER – download form below


How do we measure the value of Beyond Recycling?

It is not easy to express in quantifiable terms how awareness has been raised, how attitudes have been shifted and how behavior has changed. We do, however, need to report on our program success to our funders and partners. To this end, we need to submit the results of a Pre- and Post-BR survey. While not an ideal measurement, the survey results, along with anecdotal student comments, are an important tool in program reporting.

The responsibility for completing the Pre- and Post-Surveys lies in the teachers’ hands.

You have the option to deliver the surveys either online or on paper. If at all possible, we recommend using the online forms to reduce the amount of paperwork required. Please reference your teachers manual for instructions.



The Pre-Survey must be completed before the program starts. Depending on the class, it may work best if you read the question out loud and then allow the students time to choose their answers. It is most likely that students may be confused about certain terminology and concepts – that is okay. Explain to students that this not a test, and it is not for marks – it is a tool intended to help us understand how much they already know.

If completing on paper – Please ensure students have their names on their survey. Include a class list with the surveys and submit to your BR Educator during the first class. Your BR Educator will keep the surveys and import the survey data at the end of the year.

If completing online – Get a student computer or tablet and test loading the survey to ensure it will work for your students on the system you use. Book time with your computers or tablets and direct students to the page. Write the link on the board for the students to input on their tablets/computer.



The Post-Survey must be completed after your class has finished the BR program – ideally within 7 days of completing the program. This survey includes the same questions that were asked in the Pre-Survey with the addition of 3 short answer questions. 

If completing on paper – Please ensure students have their names on their survey. Please submit your surveys to your BR Educator.  Your BR Educator will import the survey data and then compare it to the presurvey data that you collected. Please ensure the Post-Surveys are returned to your BR Educator as soon as possible.  These results are ESSENTIAL to showing the value of the program in our final reports to funders. 

If completing online – You can find the post-survey at  If your students do not have strong typing skills, you could consider completing the survey questions online and then the 3 short answer questions on paper. That file is available to download at the bottom of this page.


Survey Results

The survey results from your class are utilized in the final reports that go out to our funders. These are the organizations that give us the money to bring Beyond Recycling to your classroom at no cost.



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