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School:  Trafalgar Middle

We have now had 3 lessons of Beyond Recycling in Mrs. Anast’s class at Tafalgar. In the first lesson, we looked at the history of waste. It was fun to see the ‘historical guests’ to help us learn about the kind of waste we made in each time period. The amount of garbage has gone up a LOT as we have gotten more and more technology. In our second lesson, we had a garbologist come in and look at what was in the class garbage can. There were a lot of items in there that could have been recycled. We also talked about the other ‘R’s, like reducing (buying less) and reusing (using something more than once before recycling it or throwing it in the garbage). In lesson 3, we learned about PLASTIC, which is made from oil, a non-renewable resource. We need to figure out how to use less plastic and less fossil fuels in general, before it’s too late! We saw a video about the plastic in the ocean. A lot of people felt pretty sad.