St Mary's Catholic School students are determined to reduce their classroom waste

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Today’s Garbology lesson outcome was amazing!!! The discussion after the lesson was so inspiring. The students took it upon themselves to initiate their class “Eco Challenge”. One of their Eco Challenge will be series of waste challenges. The first one being a personal challenge to produce as little waste at lunch by bringing litter-less lunches . The next challenge will involve the entire class reducing their waste as a collective and then encouraging their school to do the same..These kids are on FIRE!!!

The students had the opportunity to go through their schools garbage and with the help of some “Garbologist in training” they sorted all the garbage into categories (recyclable, food waste, compost, waste). The students were surprised to find items in the waste bin which could of been redirected into recyclables, reuse and compost. This activity generated some great discussion and from this activity the students are determined to reduce their waste!!   Any other Beyond Recycling class up for a challenge??