"We are Nature" lesson with St Mary's Catholic School

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Today at St Mary’s Catholic school in Cranbrook, students in Mrs T’s class had the opportunity to learn about how truly connected we really are to nature. Students shared their ideas through a brainstorming activity on the concept of what is “Nature”?  The students came up with so many interesting ideas. Some ideas shared were, that nature is the mountains, trees, air, water, green, all life, living creatures, fungus, bacteria and that all life cycles, to list just a few.  We then used the leaf activity as a way to demonstrate how we are once again connected to nature.  Each student was given a leaf which was collected in the fall and we likened the veins of a leaf to the tributaries of a river on a map or to veins of a heart muscle. This activity was a real eye opener to how things are so similar. We concluded the lesson outside with a beautiful poem “You are Stardust” and invited students to share what they were grateful for today and what they have enjoyed most and learned from the Beyond Recycling program.  Many of the students shared that they loved being outside and making connections.