Hazardous Waste, Electronics and Styrofoam, Oh My!

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Mrs. B-W’s class from Nicholson Elementary had a close up tour recently of the Golden Bottle Depot and Golden Landfill.  

Students learned about the variety of items that can be recycled at the depot or landfill such as plastic bags, bacon packaging and styrofoam.  Have questions about what is accepted?  Check this detailed list and save yourself some sorting time!
The students also learned that the Bottle Depot accepts electronics for recycling such as TV’s, video games and  cell phones.
For small applicants such as hair dryers, vacuums, electric toothbrushes, these items are taken for recycling at the landfill.
Students got to see the new Household Hazardous Waste Depot at the landfill as well.
Who knew that recycling and reducing waste was such an adventure!