Waste Field Trip!

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Mrs. Baker’s Grade 6 students at Kinnaird Elementary School visited the Ootishenia landfill to experience where “away” is in the phrase “just throw it away!” First the students had a tour of the recycling stations and went over the do’s and don’ts of dropping off those recyclable materials that do not get picked up by their residential blue box program. RDCK staff gave a great presentation on where the recycling end ups and how important it is to be separated and clean! Next the class re-loaded the bus to travel in and around the actual landfill site. Students learned how the landfill is managed so the site can sustain many many years of future waste, and what negative effects it can have on the environment if process are not in place. Leachate and methane gas were just a few of the topics covered. The highlight of the tour, of course,  was seeing the large tractor in action as it packed down all the garbage. The sights, smells, and sounds of the landfill created a learning memory of how we manage our waste and how it is our responsibility to be part of the sustainable operation.