Our Eco Handprints by Ashley

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Today we learned about the Eco-Handprint. We learned about how you should take the bus instead of driving to school. If you use containers you save materials, and reduce waste. We made our own Eco-Handprint for the "past" and the "future" tracing our right and our left hand. Examples: Waste: throw out less garbage. Food : eat locally Transportation: walk or bike to school. Water: reuse your water bottle when you’re done with it. Energy: turn off your lights when you’re finished in the room. I found this lesson on the Eco-Handprint very fun and interesting. My most favorite part was when we made our own Eco-Handprint because it remined me of what I can do for our environment. I learnd that one person can make a difference in our environment. Written by Ashley Gr. 6 Twin Rivers Elementary