Every Little Bit Counts by Trent

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Today in Beyond Recycling we learned how your electricity gets to your home. It starts at the hydro dam then it goes to the turbine house to generate the power. From there the electricity goes to the power lines so it can travel to the substation where it holds the power. Then it flows to the hydro pole (wooden power line you see everywhere), then to the meter where it is recorded. from there it goes to the fuse box in your house. Finallyit goes to the outlet in your house so you can use the electricity. Becausewe should change our behaviour and use less energy, in class today we thought about how much energy we actually use each day. Our homework is to set goals with our family to reduce our energy consumption. One thing I really liked about today’s class is that we learned how our energy gets to our home. Written by Trent Swinarchuk, Gr. 6