Last Class of Beyond Recycling!

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The Twin Rivers Gr. 6 class finished the Beyond Recycling program for this year with a competitive game of Jeopardy. It was a close game with Team 1 winning in the end. We also took some time to do the Year End Survey. There was some great feedback such as; – I love this program. I think that it should be in all the schools (Lori) -This program teaches you what is good for the world and what is bad for the world and helps you make better choices. (Spencer) – This program is trying to teach our generation about what can happen if we don’t take care of our Earth and what we can do to help. (Shailynn) Everyone had a great time on our fieldtrip last week too. We visited the Brilliant Recycling center and the Ootischenia Landfill. It was cool to see how our community recycles and disposes waste.