McKim Students visit the landfill and recycling processing sites

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School:  McKim Elementary

The grade 5 students in Ms Stewart and Mrs Mitchell’s grade 5 class had an "eye opening" opportunity to see where all our waste and recycled materials goes to in the East Kootenays. The students had the chance to visit Kimberley’s transfer station and see the first recycling/re use are established in the Kootenays. They also visited the recycling sites that received all the cans,bottles, plastics, and paper products for the entire RDEK. They had the chance to see first, how items are sorted and all the "cool" machinery used to help with this process. Students also had a chance to visit the RDEK landfill too. In sharing some of the experiences of the day. students seemed to be really impacted by the amount of plastics and aluminium cans used by people, as well as seeing first hand the importance of reducing the amount of waste we all create, to increase the life of the landfill and minimize the energy used to process and ship, both waste and recyclable items. Overall, a really fascinating and important day!