Our Changing Climate

Let’s learn about Climate Change…

  • Climate is the average weather over a long period of time, usually 30 years.
  • The climate has been changing naturally since the Earth existed.
  • The problem now is that humans produce so much fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions that we are changing how much and how fast the climate is changing.
  • Greenhouse gases get trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere and warm the planet up. Think about a garden greenhouse, or about putting on more and more blankets without having a way to cool off.
  • As humans emit more greenhouse gases, the planet warms up.



Choose one of the engaging activities below to take action:

  • Letter Writing: Are you passionate about a big issue? Maybe something that takes more than a few people to solve? Writing letters to people in power, like politicians and other well-known decision makers can go a long way. Do some research on your topic so you can include some facts, and choose the appropriate person to write a letter to. Tell them how you support strong environmental action. Share you letter with your teacher and/or Beyond Recycling Educator.
  • Good News Collage: Make a collage full of good news climate stories. Use photos, articles or drawings and include actions and projects that already complete and ones that are being researched. Try to find actions happening in your own community.
  • Climate in Your Community: List 3 signs of climate change already visible in your community. Research what is being done about each of them. Think about which level of action is most appropriate and look there. Is it a Government (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) solution, non-profit organization, community, or individual solution?
  • Take Action: What can you do to help the climate change problem? Come up with a plan and start to take action.


Journaling prompts

Choose one of the topics below to write about:

  • Climate change is a big topic and can be scary and intimidating. It’s ok to be scared and sad. You might also feel hopeful or motivated to make changes. Write about how climate change makes you feel and why.
  • Invent a new technology to address climate change. Which part of climate change does it address? How does it work? Who would use it?
  • Describe how your family could do something different to help.






  • The Columbia Basin Climate Source allows you to look at your home location on interactive maps and see whats happening to the climate and what you can do to help
  • EcoJustice article: Seven young Ontarian’s are fighting to keep their climate lawsuit going, check out their hard work here
  • Bill Nye Saves the World (Netflix show)
  • Anything by Greta Thunberg, including this book “No One is Too Small to Make a Difference”.
  • Greta Thunberg isn’t alone. Meet some other young activists who are leading the environmentalist fight. Read the CNN article here



Listen to this awesome podcast series to learn more:

  • CBC’s 2050: Degrees of ChangeThis mini series looks at what life might be like in BC in 2050, when average temperatures have risen by 2.5 degrees Celsius. Meet a fictional 10-year old girl who shares about what life might be like in this world.


Programs in the RDCK

If you live in the Regional District of the Central Kootenay, check out these links:



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