Eco Handprint Lesson at KIS and Kootenay Orchards

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The students at The Kimberley Independent School and Kootenay Orchards School in Cranbrook, discussed the many ways they can reduce their Ecological Footprint. Students in both schools came up with great ways they could make change "with my own two hands". As students did their "Eco Handprint" activity they listened to Ben Harper’s song entitled My Own two hands…a little play on words and perfect for this activity. Students worked together to help trace their hands on colourful paper, while discussing many of the actions they could take at home, school and in the community. They looked at ways they could reduce their impact on the planet by focusing on 5 key points, these being, food, water, transport, energy and waste. Students came up with some creative and do-able actions, some examples being, taking 5 min showers or less, car pooling, not playing video games and watching tv as much, making homemade meals at home and not eating out and many more. This lesson helped students come up with some great actions towards their next activity. The Family Eco Challenge!!