True Cost of Food

Let’s learn about the True Cost of Food…

  • All the food we eat has a story – when we learn about where our food was grown, or where it comes from, we can learn to appreciate the food we eat.
  • Whether we buy food from the grocery store, the farmers market or grow it our gardens – it will have a different story.
  • When we learn about the story of the food we eat, we can better understand the food system that created it.
  • Our food system involves all the steps in getting food to us, including production, processing, distribution, consumption and disposal.



Choose one of the engaging activities below to take action:

  • Fridge Sleuth: Go into your cupboard and see if you can find food from different countries. Look up the countries on a map. Which food is from the farthest away?
  • Community Garden Visit: Find out if there is a community garden near where you live and go visit.
  • Food Miles Investigation: Dive deeper into where your food comes from. Food miles look at how far your food has traveled from production to consumption. Is it local? Was it grown in the same country as you? Did it travel halfway across the world? Choose a recent meal you had and break it down into its different ingredients. Using the website and infographic below, research the Food Miles of your meal. 
    Food Miles Website
    Food Miles Calculator (works from Capital cities between countries, so not accurate for BC, but gives you an idea!)


Journaling Prompts

Choose one of the topics below to write about:

  • Write the story of your favorite food.  Tell the story from the beginning until you eat it.
  • What if you had to eat the same food every day for a month. How would it feel?
  • Create your own superhero that works to improve Canada’s food system



Check out some of our favourite True Cost of Food videos:





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