KIS and Kootenay Orchards: Field Trip with the RDEK

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The students at Kimberley Independent School and Kootenay Orchards school in Cranbrook had the opportunity to visit the Transfer Station in Cranbrook, the Materials Processing Plant, the Bottle Depot and the RDEK Landfill. The trip was filled with tons of information about how we make a difference by recycling and taking the time to sort out all the many items that can be reused and recycled, avoiding the trip to the landfill. A highlight for students was to watch the plastic bottles being sent "zooming" through the machinery to the other side of the building and sent flying into another machine to compress them into compact bundles or watch 900 aluminium cans be compressed into a "wally size" biscuit. Students and teachers were amazed by the shear volume of materials recycled and the process and effort needed to make it run smoothly..all in one day. The trip was an eye opener and made an impact on students. Many of the students commented that they never knew how much was recycled in one day. We all do make a difference when you reduce, reuse and recycle!!