Energy Research

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If you participate in the Beyond Recycling program, this is the spot you will find all the additional resources, videos and other cool stuff that is connected to the learning and activities you do in class.  Take a look, enjoy it and then share it with your family and friends – I bet they want to know about all the cool stuff you now know about.

Here’s a video on why energy is such an important issue:

Here’s a video on wind energy:

Learn more about wind energy


Here’s a video on energy from coal (a fossil fuel):

Learn more about coal


Here’s a video on oil (a fossil fuel):

Learn more about oil


This video’s about hydro-electric energy:

Learn more about hydro-electric energy


And here’s one on nuclear energy:

Learn more about nuclear energy


This video’s on solar energy:

Learn more about solar energy


This video talks about the environmental impacts of different energy sources:

Only if you have extra time:


You can check out The Energy Story for a great backgrounder on the different kinds of energy. For a really fun adventure story that will test your energy knowledge while thrilling you with mystery and magic, check out Devoured by the Dark! And for some interesting energy movies, head to the Movie Room.