Paper Making Fun at South Nelson School

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School:  South Nelson

At South Nelson the grade 4/5 class has been engaged with the Beyond Recycling Program twice a week since the New Year. After many lessons, much diligent research and impressive presentations, it was time to celebrate by getting messy! To the chorus of 5 whirling blenders, all hands were on deck (including some awesome parent volunteers!) We made our very own recycled paper using colourful paper scraps from the classroom recycling bags, pencil shavings, rose petals, kale seeds, water and energy. This unique pulp was then poured into shapes, patted dry and rolled to produce new paper! Some of these paper creations may even find their way into the garden come spring to grow bushels of kale! What fun! We all had a blast and the paper-making factory was magically packed up with everyone’s help. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the stuff we need and want could get “loopy” and be made new again, eliminating the need to extract more raw materials and keeping our stuff out of the dumps?!