Garbage Eco-Challenge in Mrs. Haworth's Class

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Mrs. Haworth’s class has been working hard at reducing their classroom waste over the last few months of Beyond Recycling.  Here are some of the actions they have taken during the Garbage Eco-Challenge:


Garbage Free Lunch Week

After our 1st day, our goal was to get under 100 g. We managed that on all but one day – here are the numbers:

Jan. 4 – 100g

Jan. 5 – 102g

Jan. 6 – 32 g

Jan. 9 – 62 g

Jan. 11 – 78 g


Changes we have made in the class since the beginning of the Beyond Recycling Program:

·      COMPOST- We now share a compost for fruit and vegetable waste with Mrs. Newtons class

·      PLASTIC RECYCLING- Plastics are now getting recycled and Mrs Haworth brings them home to add to her own recycling

·      PAPER TOWEL REDUCTION- Mrs Haworth brings in cloth towels to use to reduce the amount of paper towel being used

·      PACKAGED SNACKS- More students are bringing in food items that are not pre-packaged

·      PLASTIC BAGS- We are now only using one garbage can instead of two.  The class has less waste and it also requires one less garbage bag per week.

·      WASTE ‘LITERACY’- The students are asking a lot more, “can this be recycled” instead of just throwing things out.


All in all, there are some very good changes that have occurred during the Beyond Recycling program!