Good Food Field Trip

Let’s explore Good Food …

  • Food is important. The nutrients in food support bone growth, hormonal changes and organ and tissue development, including the brain.
  • Healthy eating can be good for the environment, help you feel good and give you more energy, help you perform better in activities that are important to you, such as: sports, school & hobbies.



Choose one of the engaging activities below to take action:

  • Dream Garden Designer: Design your dream backyard garden. Would this be in your current backyard or balcony? Would it be a different urban yard, or even a farm? What would you grow? Create a map showing what goes where.
  • Canada’s Food Guide: Lookup Canada’s Food Guide a draw a version for yourself.
  • Urban Food Walk: Go on a walk around your community, and notice all the sources of free, wild food growing around you. Hint, start by looking for apple trees and huckleberry bushes. What time of year is each of these foods ripe?
  • Map Extension: Turn your investigation walk into a map! Draw out the food sources you found, and write when the food is ripe- be as specific as possible. This map will be a great reference throughout the year!
  • Local Food Research Investigation: Research what foods are produced in/around your community. What can you find within 50km? 100km? 1000km? Are you able to design a menu for a complete, healthy dinner with food only from your own community? Make sure to investigate all types of food, not just produce.


Journaling prompts

Choose one of the topics below to write about:

  • If “You are what you eat”, what are you?
  • If I could feed the whole world, I would ….
  • Write a haiku poem about food in your community. Remember, haikus have three lines with the following syllable patterns for each line: 5, 7, 5.
  • In your own words, explain why it’s important to understand the differences between conventional agriculture and local, organic agriculture.



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