JA Laird Learns About Local Food

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If you thought all your food comes from far away, think again. JA Laird’s Beyond Recycling students have been learning about local food and it’s benefits for the planet.

After discussing the true environmental costs of common food, Ms. King’s grade 4/5 class took a trip to Winderberry Greenhouse and Nursery, just up the highway from their school. Here, they learned how local and organic food production can help the planet and the local economy. The students explored several greenhouses, stuck their hands in to feel the heat of a massive compost pile and transplanted some tomato seedlings. They even got to pick and eat some spinach – and were amazed at how good it tasted!

The following week, we wrapped up learning about food with a hands-on lesson in making local healthy snacks. With the help of 3 parent volunteers, the class split into groups to make energy bites, chocolate avocado pudding, sweet potato fries and fresh juice. What a delicious day that was!

Through this series of food lesson, the students have learned first hand what large variety of vegetables can be grown so close to home and turned into tasty treats.

photos: Saffie and Nevaeh feel the heat of the compost; Erik and Casey transplant tomatoes; Saffie, Claire and Xavier trying chocolate avocado pudding.