Lifecycle Presentations

Lets talk about doing a Lifecycle Presentation:

  • Now that you have researched the lifecycle of a product, it is time to show off what you have learned!
  • Choose from one of the following presentation formats listed below.
  • Present the lifecycle of your product to a family member or friend. You could also film it and share it with your teacher!



Choose one of the engaging activities below to take action:

  • Preparation: When creating the presentation of the lifecycle of your product, be sure to include each stage in the product lifecycle.
    • Recall that there are five stages: extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal.
    • It is also important to illustrate the impacts that happen at each stage and give examples.
  • The Presentation: There are so many options for how to present your research:
    • Create a poster
    • Design a model
    • Create a board game
    • Write a poem
    • Perform a skit
    • Make a commercial
    • Create a flowchart or diagram
    • Create a set of task cards
    • Write a newspaper article
    • Create a children’s story
    • Assemble a time capsule
    • Create a museum exhibit
  • Have fun with it!


Journaling prompts

Choose one of the topics below to write about:

  • What was something that surprised you about the resources that went into your product?
  • How could the lifecycle of your product be improved, so that there is less of an impact to the environment?
  • Do you think people are very aware of how the products they use are made and disposed of?



Check out some of our favorite Lifecycle Presentations videos: