Earth Day- We love our Kootenay Lake!

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To celebrate Earth Day, the Grade 5 class from Redfish School went to work cleaning the shoreline of Kootenay Lake near the Harrop Ferry Landing.  After a few short hours we were surprised by the amount of Styrofoam, small plastic bits and cigarette butts we collected! This was not all; some notable “rare finds” included sunglasses, a slimy wig, and sheets of buried plastic.

Their initiate spurred the whole school to pitch in! All Redfish students helped with cleaning garbage from the school neighbourhood, Redfish Creek and the shoreline. Thanks guys!

Many of Mrs. G’s students are now  inspired to create artwork with the “treasures” we collected off the beach which will be used by Friends of Kootenay Lake as a creative way to engage the public in the health of our sweet waters.  -Happy creating Artists.

Students understand how precious fresh, clean accessible water is on our planet and how garbage and pollution can affect the organisms who call Kootenay Lake home and our downstream neighbours- even those who live in the Pacific Ocean.  Today was a fun and productive way to give back to the lake we love, the planet we love!   May every day be Earth Day!