Water is Life!

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Water is Life!! The students in Mr Nick’s class at KIS had the opportunity to experience this idea in an interactive activity. The students worked in teams and rotated through stations that challenged them to deal with various water related issues. One station had an abundance of water, another station had a scarcity of water and the last station had clean water near but not available due to lack of financial resources to build a well or political conflict which prevented access. Each group visited the 3 stations which challenged them to fill their 10 cups with water. Each group had to decide how much water would go into each cup, which represented agriculture(7), industrial (2) and human needs (1). The teams quickly learned that not everyone on our planet has the same quality or quantity of water and as a group they had to work together to meet their various needs, which in some stations proved to be more of a challenge than the others.

Through this activity students learned that clean water is a resource that should be valued, protected and available to all.