Celebrate Earth Day!

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Did you know that on average North Americans use 50 times as much energy per person than Africans? The students at TM Roberts do now, after an enlightening Earth Day assembly hosted by the grade 6’s.

To celebrate Earth Day and show off what they’ve been learning in the Beyond Recycling program, Mr. Mcanerney’s class planned and ran the school’s Earth Day assembly. During the assembly, the students recreated the “Sustainability” lesson presented to them a few weeks earlier and showed the rest of the school just how unevenly resources and wealth are distributed across the world. The interactive demonstration was then followed by skits about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

On the same day, a school-wide litter-less lunch challenge was promoted and judged by the students. Prizes were awarded to the primary and intermediate classes who produced the least litter that day.