The Secret to Urban Farming

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The final topic of discussion in the Beyond Recycling program is food. “Real food” to be specific. Students have been learning how their food choices impacts the planet, and how eating more “real food” can lower their ecological footprint.

What is “real food”, you ask? Think about these 5 N’s: Nutritious, Naked, Near, Now, and Naked. In other words, whole, un-processed foods, grown locally in season, and with little or no packaging.

To get a first-hand view of some real food, the class took a trip down the street to visit 3 Crows Farm, Cranbrook’s infamous urban farm. Here, we saw just how much you really can grow in such a small space. 3 Crows Farm uses 3 city blocks to provide the local Farmer’s Markets and several restaurants with deliciously fresh veggies – mostly leafy greens and micro greens – from spring into the fall. Their secret to such high yields? Growing healthy soil!