Many Hands Make Paper

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Students in three classes in the Columbia Valley – Mr. Sindholt’s Grade 4 – 7, Ms. Wilisky’s Gr 5/6, and Ms. Caswell’s Gr 6/7 – learned how to make artisanal paper just in time for Christmas. Many hands made work light in this process from recycled paper to new beautiful paper. Many hands also made large messes at the rip station!

Students had been learning how many products have a one-way lifecycle from extraction to production to distribution to consumption and finally disposal – usually in landfills. Thus this was their chance to learn about how to make a product’s lifecycle “loopy”, which means saving it from ending up in the landfill. An amazing variety colours of artisanal paper were created by combining different colour combinations. One group even managed to make black paper! Thanks to all of your great teamwork students!