Our Water

Let’s learn more about Water…

  • All organisms on our planet need water to live.
  • When we look at a picture of Earth it looks pretty blue…so much water! Yes, in fact water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface.
  • Most of the water on the planet isn’t available for us to drink or use. The water in the oceans is too salty and some water is also frozen inside glaciers.
  • New water isn’t created, what we have now is what we’ll have forever it gets cycled around the world in the Hydrological or Water Cycle.
  • Water is a renewable resource – if it is managed properly – but we are currently using more than we should and parts of the world have droughts due to climate change and can’t get enough.



Choose one of the engaging activities below to take action:

  • Water Gathering Game: See the instructions here. You are going to simulate traveling to get water instead of turning on the tap! This is great fun on a sunny day in the backyard!
  • Get Poetic: Write a poem entitled ‘Water is…’ Write about what water is to you and all the ways you use it and appreciate it.
  • Get Arty: Draw a picture of a water body, river, or lake near you. Does it make you feel something when you are close to it? 
  • Track it: Choose a day to track the amount of water you use. Record whenever you use water like flushing the toilets, showering, washing clothes or dishes.


Journaling prompts

Choose one of the topics below to write about:

  • Was it easy to move your water without spilling any in the water gathering game?
  • Would it change how you used water if you had to work hard like this to fill enough water to drink or wash with?
  • Would it make you sad if a water body near you disappeared? Why?



Check out some of our favourite videos about Our Water:



  • Book: We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom

Here is a video of her reading the book too.

  • Movie: Rango

This animated movie shows how the lives of a town inhabitants are threatened as water runs out. It explores how corruption can control the flow water too.


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Programs in the RDCK

If you live in the Regional District of the Central Kootenay, check out this link:

Water Smart Program– Conserve water around your house with a free Water Smart Assessment



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