Paper Making Fun at Mc Kim School

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“Wow, that was so fun and so messy” replied a student in Mrs Kauffman’s class at Mc Kim school a few weeks ago. As a Beyond Recycling Educator, the paper making lesson is one of my favourite classes. I used to be a little apprehensive to do this lesson but now its my favourite and I think the students love it too. It’s messy, creative, interactive, loud, and makes recycled paper.

Students learned the process involved in making paper. They got to rip and tear sheets off recycled paper, made pulp in a blender with a paper/water/cornstarch mixture, compressed the water out with rolling pins and made over 30 sheets of paper!

They waited patiently while it dried over the weekend.

When they returned the following week..PRESTO!!..they had some really cool looking paper.

Students used the paper for a texture art project and book marks.

Plus, they learned the value and importance of recycling paper!!