Real Food Potluck at Begbie View Elementary

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School:  General

On Tuesday, May 21, Ms. Newton’s grade 4/5 students at Begbie View Elementary school in Revelstoke held a potluck lunch with the challenge of bringing dishes that are made with real foods only, and as much local food as possible. And did the students ever deliver!

After the students each gave a short presentation about the food they had brought, explaining what ingredients were in their dish, where the ingredients came from, and where/who made the dish, we all dug in for a delicious lunch. We had home-made preserved peaches from the Okanagan, as well as local sausage and veggie pate, and lots of different kinds of homemade jams to eat with some yummy homemade biscuits and crackers. Ms. Newton even brought walnuts from a tree in her yard, and grape juice that was made from grapes that she also grows in her yard. 

With the students having just visited the local Track Street Growers urban farm the week before, and recently completing the “True Cost of Food” lesson, the real food potluck was a great follow-up lesson for the students to learn about how they can reduce their ecological footprint by eating real food, and local food.