Waste Field Trip with Mc Kim Students

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The students at McKim School took on the challenge to see if all the things they are learning in the Beyond Recycling class truly make a difference. Our Waste Trip adventure started at the Kimberley Transfer Station where they are piloting a new recycling program. The new program has been a real success. We then continued to the South Sky Mixed Recycling Facility and then ended the morning at Skyway Recycling, where Louise Derkach,  leads the group through a super fun and engaging tour. Sharpen up your math skills and shouting voice because we are about to have some serious fun!!

The day ended with a tour of the Regional Land Fill. The experience of visiting the landfill truly reinforced to the students the need and importance of reducing, reusing and recycling in our daily lives. We were even lucky enough to spot several bald eagles on our tour. A highlight for many students!