Lesson from the Grocery Store

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The students in Mrs Kaufman’s class had the chance to do some real life experiential learning at their local “Save On Foods” grocery store. Students were split off into teams and were tasked with the responsibility of investigating certain everyday food items their families consume. The students were searching the store high and low to find food items they needed. Each group was given categories to investigate, like dairy and meets, packaged cookies and snacks and apples, oranges and bananas. 

Students were so engaged in this activity that they were racing back to complete my sheets (race walking). The learning that unfolded was amazing. Students could be found throughout the store using their math skills (yes, math is so important!!!) Some students were using the scale to weigh apples individually to compare to buying fruit in bags, while others could be found crouched over the cheese section looking at the difference between cheese sticks and block cheese, down aisle 5 students were intently researching the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies compared to processed/pre made ones. There were so many great life lesson that came from a day at the local grocery and it was topped off my the produce manager inviting the class to a watermelon and blueberry feast.

One of the many benefits of shopping local!!