Changing How We Learn About Our Changing Climate

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Many things have changed this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and Beyond Recycling is no exception. To keep delivering this inspiring, informative and interesting program to grade 5 and 6 students across the Columbia Basin, Wildsight Educators have had to get creative! Educator Kim Urbaniak is having success connecting with Mme. Laporte’s class at TM Roberts over video conference.

Learning to adapt and be flexible like this is a great example the students can look back on to shape how they adapt and take action on topics discussed in Beyond Recycling. Adaptation is particularly important for managing impacts of climate change. During the Our Changing Climate lesson, educator Kim discussed Earth’s warming atmosphere and the need to balance the scale of carbon dioxide sources and sinks, all over video conference. With the help of colourful props and a visualization exercise where students imagine themselves as a storybook hero/ine, Mme. Laporte’s students were able to get a good basic understanding of the climate change basics.