Fernie's Trash To Treasure

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The grade 6 students at Isabella Dickens Elementary presented their Trash To Treasure projects to the entire school for Earth Day on Friday, April 22nd 2022. Madam Oscienny and Madame Lapointe’s students took excellent ownership and initiative to tackle their individual projects. 

For Trash to Treasure, students explored options for creative waste utilization and discovered how their trash could be turned into treasure. Students created something useful out of something that would normally be thrown away. Lots of exciting, innovative and creative objects, tools, and things made! It was an inspiring successful earth day at IDES! 

Some of the projects included a snowboard bench, craft organizer, pencil case, pin hole camera, top hat, wind chimes, wooden salad spoons, a bat box, a chess board, a blender bicycle, a mini basketball game, a plastic bag backpack, a palate lounger chair, a pyjama set, a drum kit, jean purses, a chalkboard, and a knitted plastic bag purse.